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Transition into Heroic

by Lainai, 62 days ago

Our Heroic Order unless we run into issues will be Nythendra -> Elerethe -> Dragons of  Nightmare -> Il'gynoth -> Ursoc -> Cenarius -> Xavius 


Since Clearing Normal, we want to transition into Heroic. This means we need everyone to compare their logs to higher-ranked players. EVERYONE. Everyone has room for improvement. Even me, by looking at logs I realized my Rejuv game is WAY off and that me not casting it as much is tremendous lost in HPS. 

Everyone needs to do this before Friday. We will be doing normal one more time (Hopefully) and I need to see improvement from everyone this next normal clear. 

What you want to do is:

1. Click COMPARE 

2. On the 2nd part where it says "Or you can search for parses similar to yours using the options below:" .. select your Name and leave everything default and search. This will compare you to your class/near ilvl and near the raid size.

3. Go through the first few people by clicking their names and compare a few things - Your casts/attacks vs theirs. IE I saw my rejuv for Nythendra at 38 casts vs 100+ for other druids. You may not be using your top-heal or top-dps spell as much as you should be.

4. Then go to Summary and look at the talents they choose for that fight and compare. 


1. Look to see if they have an Artifact Power or Legendary that may be severely making one ability much better

2. Look at their stats as well. If they have more of your main stat, (IE your main stat is Haste and you have 20% but they have 30%) that can play a key role

3. Despite these points, it still good to compare. This is why we recommend comparing to a FEW and making notes for each fight.

4. What I want everyone to do is basically look and compare each fight and make notes in a notepad. Then come raid time and look at your notes before each boss and DO THEM. IE if there's talent changes, do them. Make notes. It sounds lame but notes are good. Trying to remember everything when you're trying to improve for 7 bosses just isn't going to work. 

No one is above doing this. As a warning, it will become very obvious in heroic for the people not improving. 


If you need help, join us on Discord and MageYezz/Yezzdia or Isra/Lainai can try to help

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