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Tomb of Sargeras and Patch 7.2

by Lainai, 9 days ago

Progression Raid Reminder/Changes

  • - I will not be explaining the fights entirely like we did in Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold. It takes up a large chunk of the time. I said I would not be doing this before, and I've been telling everyone to look up the fights. It's not the raid leader's job to explain the fight, it's their job to explain the strat and conduct said strat, and the fight. Look at forums for the postings on the bosses.
  • - We will clear normal only once on a core-raid night, but afterwards I will be scheduling a few Normal Saturday runs that aren't mandatory and do not go against your EPGP. 
  • - This is now progression, and everyone should act like it. During any explanations or when raid leader (Isra/Bearbun) is talking please be quiet. During the progression fights, please be quiet to allow tanks, healers and any DPS to coordinate anything that's needed. I'm not saying "no joking." I'm just saying chill during any explanations and during the fight so we can coordinate. 
  • - Look will go back to EPGP for core raid days (Friday/Sunday) and we will not pug people during this time. 
  • - It's expected for everyone to be in Discord.
  • - It's expected for everyone to arrive 15 minutes before raid time and be PREPARED. (9:45 pm ST) Prepared meaning talents, flasks, food, potions and etc. And be ready to invite. 
  • - We will be more diligent about breaks since progression is a little more tiresome. For our 4 hour raid days, we will be doing 2 10 minute breaks. For the 3 hour breaks, we will be doing 2 5 minute breaks. 
  • - If you have a PROBLEM with the raid (IE someone doing something bad), it is REQUIRED for you to WHISPER it to Bearbun. 
  • - Any questions about the raid is encouraged to ask in raid chat since Bearbun has a lot to deal with already.
  • - We welcome/encourage feedback about the progression.


Tomb of Sargeras

Clear Normal once
Move straight Heroic After

4 hour Raid Days

June 23rd
June 30th
July 7th


Once heroic is on a steady farm, we will be doing one Heroic Day (Friday) and Mythic attempts on Sunday until we no longer need Heroic.

Order of Bosses
Demonic Inquisition
Mistress Sassz'ine
Sisters of the Moon
The Desolate Host
Maiden of Vigilance
Fallen Avatar
Kil'jaedan Smith


Please check here for information on the bosses. (Coming soon)

Guild Bank

Another thing is, we'd like to start providing potions for progression into Tomb of Sargeras. If everyone can donate HERBS, we can get potions made. People who donate some have priority of who receives potions. We will still provide flasks and food as such.


WHAT WE NEED for Tomb of Sargeras 

- ALL HERBS though Fjarnskagl, Foxflower, and Starlight Rose are what's needed the most. 

- BACON for feast. (I'd like to possibly switch over to feast if we have enough)

- Ore for making disenchant items and gems for new gear 

- Cloth for disenchant items

- Enchanting materials

- We accept gold donation if you don't have bloods or too lazy. Gold is used to buy herbs and shit we need. Repairs Also.

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