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by Bearbunbun, 58 days ago

Our plan for Antorus is as following:

(Dec 1) - Normal Antorus 8pm PST (CORE) may be extended to 4 hours

(Dec 2) - Finishing Normal Antorus 8pm PST (Non-Mandatory but highly recommended)

(Dec 3) - Heroic Antorus 8pm PST (CORE)

Afterwards we will continue to clear Heroic Antorus until we have sufficient gear and dps for Mythic and a solid 20 roster. Then we will move into Mythic.


Fatboss PTR Videos (please note these are ptr so things may change but they are still good to review!)

We highly recommend reading the guides on WoW as well.

Again, I will NOT be explaining the whole fight. I will explain any strats, comments, assignments and important reminders but will not be spending 20 minutes explaining each fight. It is up to the core raider to review the fights beforehand, come prepared and focused. To get ready for Antorus, we are accepting donations for HERBS, ORE, ENCHANTING MATERIALS, BACON and/or GOLD.

Keep on the lookout for notes by Bearbun in the Raid Strats forum.

Other information 

Remember everyone must 72 artifact weapon by Antorus, read up on fights and come prepared.  

Be sure to try to upgrade your legendaries as soon as possible. The upgrade items drop from m+ weekly cache, daily heroic, Antorus boss kills, emissary quests, and weekly PVP quests 

Read my large announcement about loot and getting ready here

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